What’s happened in AI: February 4th-10th

By | February 11, 2019

Lots of great healthcare developments stemming from AI this week. Researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California (USC) published data on a novel machine-learning framework they developed that distinguishes between low- and high-risk prostate cancer with more precision than ever before.

On the fundraising side, KenSci raised $22mm to progress their AI-driven prediction platform that helps practitioners cut costs intelligently by identifying contributing clinical and financial factors and by analyzing data across various sources like electronic medical records, public records, demographics, claims data, and devices.

What’s happened in AI: January 28th-February 3rd

By | February 4, 2019

It’s pretty clear autonomous vehicles are one of the most important areas within AI. This week we saw yet another Apple employee get in trouble with the FBI for stealing company secrets on its autonomous vehicle program. Bold move given someone has already been caught before, in addition to the publicity surrounding Anthony Levandowski’s exit from Waymo.

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What’s happened in AI: January 21st-27th

By | January 28, 2019

Lots of M&A this week in the AI world with Termset (NLP), Textkernel (recruiting), and Crunchbot (chatbots) all being acquired. Many enterprises are finding out that sometimes it’s easier to acquire AI talent than develop it in-house, especially if it’s outside of a particular domain of expertise for the acquirer.

Other news this week includes a few developments in the autonomous vehicle world. Waymo is set to test driverless cars out in Michigan, while Apple cut 200 jobs in its autonomous vehicle division (Project Titan). Not sure what’s going on with Apple, but it’s definitely not the best sign as competitors ramp up research, investment, and personnel additions.

What’s happened in AI: January 14th-20th

By | January 22, 2019

The AI research capabilities of Microsoft continue to expand. This week they opened two separate AI labs in China.

The first will be located in Nanchang city and will focus on VR in addition to AI applications in established manufacturing companies. The second will be located in Shanghai and will focus on IoT in addition to AI. It’s clear Microsoft has gained favor with the Chinese government as these are two major developments with regards to their China strategy.

What’s happened in AI: January 7th-13th

By | January 14, 2019

Extremely busy week in the AI world, particularly because of the 2019 annual CES conference. Lots of companies announced new product developments, partnerships, and investment in their AI strategy.

One of the biggest CES developments came from Xiaomi, who announced a $1.5bn investment in AI and smart devices. The recently IPO’d tech company is looking to expand aggressively, likely driven in part from the Chinese stock market’s recent sell off. Other weekly news can be found below.

What’s happened in AI: January 1st-6th

By | January 7, 2019

We’ve finished up our first week in 2019 with numerous AI developments to kick things off. In the autonomous vehicle arena we witnessed perhaps the most bizarre developments as Waymo’s vehicles continue to face attacks from pedestrians. It’s quite a situation and just another reminder of how weird humans can be (let’s hope the AI doesn’t fully resemble us!). It seems like although these are random incidents, they pose a threat to public perception of the safety of autonomous vehicles.

What’s happened in AI: December 17th-23rd

By | December 24, 2018

Anthony Levandowski is back in the news again. This time it’s for his new autonomous trucking startup Pronto.ai, where he completed a 3,099 mile cross-country trip in one of his trucks. If verified it would be the longest known journey for an autonomous truck. Levandowski just keeps finding ways to stay relevant.