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What’s happened in AI: January 7th-13th

By | January 14, 2019

Extremely busy week in the AI world, particularly because of the 2019 annual CES conference. Lots of companies announced new product developments, partnerships, and investment in their AI strategy.

One of the biggest CES developments came from Xiaomi, who announced a $1.5bn investment in AI and smart devices. The recently IPO’d tech company is looking to expand aggressively, likely driven in part from the Chinese stock market’s recent sell off. Other weekly news can be found below.

What’s happened in AI: November 5th-11th

By | November 12, 2018

The creep factor from China was pretty high this week. To start, ~30 of the brightest young minds in China have been recruited to develop AI weapons for the government. These kids aren’t even in college yet, and are already doing this kind of work. Meanwhile surveillance in the country has reached a new level as the government is now able to identify people based on the way they walk. Looks like hiding your face won’t work anymore. Finally, China revealed an AI news anchor for its state run media. It’s pretty weird and I don’t really know how to interpret this. Other than the awkward lip movements the AI is pretty solid. I see potential for this to become a common fixture for pushing propaganda 24/7 (since AI doesn’t need a break like us obviously), but hopefully I’m proven wrong.

What’s happened in AI: October 29th-November 4th

By | November 5, 2018

Highlights this week are dominated by new developments in the autonomous vehicle world. Baidu continues to add new partners with the separate additions of Ford and Volvo this week. Waymo also had a big win this week becoming the first company to receive a permit from the California DMV that allows for fully autonomous vehicle testing without a safety driver.

What’s happened in AI: August 13th-18th

By | August 19, 2018

Quite a few interesting trends this week in AI. On the fundraising side, we saw three different AI startups focused on infrastructure raise capital. I can see this trend continuing as there is no shortage of energy, transportation, and other infrastructure-related assets that could benefit from improvements in maintenance efficiencies through the use of AI.… Read More »

What’s happened in AI: July 2nd-8th

By | July 10, 2018

Quite an interesting week in AI. To start, Anthony Levandowski is rumored to be back in the game through Kache.ai, an autonomous trucking startup. This comes after the infamous legal headaches he created for Waymo and Uber’s autonomous vehicle programs. In China, Baidu had a very busy week adding Daimler trucks to Project Apollo, which… Read More »

What’s happened in AI: May 21st-27th

By | May 28, 2018

Recapping the week of May 21st-27th. This week’s post to follow soon. Big highlights from last week include Sensetime’s partnership to invest in AI startups in Hong Kong, Microsoft developing a tool to “detect biased algorithms” and congress diving into recent use cases of facial recognition. Company developments: Mobvoi Releases 4 New AI-Powered Wearable &… Read More »

What’s happened in AI: May 14th-20th

By | May 23, 2018

Interesting week in AI to say the least. To start, a school in China is now using AI to catch students who aren’t paying attention and/or napping. RIP to those students if they were anything like me in school. Meanwhile across the pond, the Metropolitan (U.K) police admitted their facial recognition technology has an abysmal… Read More »

What’s happened in AI: April 23rd-29th

By | May 1, 2018

This week featured many positive news stories. Most notable was the use of new facial recognition software by police in India to find thousands of missing children. Always great to see the use of AI to help make the world a safer and better place. Company developments: IAI developing autonomous vehicles – Apr. 29, 2018… Read More »